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Means of Relaxation

The modem complexities of life, with its stress and strain, have made living a constant source of conflict and tension. In a big city with its usual busy life accompanied by hurry and worry and a constant struggle for existence, the common man, many a time, feels tired and exhausted.
 Tension seems to cripple him and he finds himself unable to cope with his day-do-day work. It is common sense that body and mind, which are in constant activity, need some sort of relaxation, as a stop-gap process. But unfortunately this art of relaxation is not known to many. People are agitated, temperamental, sentimental and emotional. People who have greater responsibilities and ambitions lead a life which is even more active. It is this type of condition that causes more harm and leaves an evident impact on both the body and the mind. Rest is the Principle of Relaxation In any case, it is necessary that you should take a break and rest for a while to avoid exhaustion. The wear and tear of the body is compensated for by nature when you sleep. This helps in maintaining a steady rhythm of life. It is in this way that efficiency is maintained at the level of the body and the mind. But many people do not sleep till midnight, or their sleep is disturbed by dreams or external environmental factors. Sometimes it may be some worry that keeps them awake till late at night. They perhaps resort to sleeping pills which are used widely in the West. This is because natural sleep does not come to them. The chemicals

contained in these sleeping pills (tranquillizers) are harmful for the brain and they can do damage to an extent that cannot be foretold. Remember, what is needed more than sleep is rest. Quiet Entertainment makes for Real Relaxation The recreating process aims to relax the body and the mind. This recreation can be more physical and less mental or vice versa. Football, for example, is a game; you maybe enjoying it but you are using more energy. Similarly, playing chess seriously may involve much mental preoccupation. You must understand that leisurely quiet entertainment relaxes you where there is no spirit of competition or show. Swimming is a very recreative proms. A walk through a park, a climb on a little hillock, a trip to the beach or anything wherein you seek a change of scene and activity are all well worth planning. The housewife in the middle of her never-ending chores equally needs such short breaks. Spending time in gardening provides both physical and mental recreation. One must, however, avoid entertainment which leads to excitement and results in exhaustion. <><>

The Basic Problem is one of Tension Everything seems to be geared to tension. We work under tension, eat under tension, love under tension and we even rest under tension! Tension seems to be the root cause of ill health—physical and mental. The nerves cannot relax because of their fixed grip on the muscles and the muscles cannot relax because the nerves are tense. In purely physical tension, there is a constriction of muscles whether at work or at play; restriction in joint flexibility and in breathing; poor circulation, pain, irritability. This may result in hyperactivity of organs bringing about some physio-chemical changes in the physiological system. But in the present-day keyed-up existence, there is a constant nervous tension originating from the mind which is expressed through — our nervous system.The mind having a vicious hold on the body does not allow muscular and bodily relaxation. It may be mental agitation and conflict, anxiety and worry or you may be pushed around due to lack of emotional stability
Tension can be divided into two categories: neuro-muscular and mental, either of which becomes an oppressive barrier in the art of relaxation.
Tension is Disease: Relaxation is its Cure We call the relaxation practices psychosomatic practices. These practices will bring about a state of neuro-muscular relaxation with an increase in the energy content of the hods in the shortest possible time. They relieve us of psychosomatic disturbances and give us a feeling of freshness, provide energy, physical rest and mental poise. It quickly recuperates, regalvanises the nerve centres, collects the scattered forces, and reinvigorates the whole body."

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