Let The Kids Join In Your Yoga Routine! -->

Let The Kids Join In Your Yoga Routine!

Kids and yoga is a great combination. Introduce your children early to yoga and they’ll have a wonderful habit that will benefit them all of their lives. 

A shocking statistic was given on the news recently.  The report says 50 percent of our children will grow up to be obese adults.  Inactivity and junk food are making our kids unhealthy.  Children sit in front of the television set, or watch movies or play video games instead of getting outside and playing like the adults of today did. 

The result is children who are couch potatoes and are in real danger of health-related problems.  The study also went on to say that children could benefit from Yoga.  Sure, you say, how do you get a 2 year old to sit in one position for more than 30 seconds?

Yoga classes for children are offered and if you have ever watched one, you would be amazed at what they can do.  No, it’s not your traditional quiet, meditative Yoga routine for a small child, but Yoga can be fun as well as healthy for a toddler or child. 

Classes designed for children offer the fun of barking like a dog while doing the Downward Facing Dog pose.  Jumping around like Kangaroos is another fun part of a child’s Yoga class.  The idea is to get them used to move around, make it a part of their routine and we can only hope they will continue that habit for life. 

One Yoga instructor practices with his small son and when he is doing the Bridge Pose, the toddler crawls under him and makes noises like a boat.  So how is that helping the adult?  It’s keeping them in the present, which is one of the goals of Yoga.  Showing his son that Yoga and proper breathing will help him to become an active productive adult.

When introducing your toddler or child to yoga, don’t make them be little grown-ups.  Remember to get down on their level.  Have fun with them; make it a fun activity time.  You can’t really expect a child to be as serious as an adult.  The short attention span of a young child makes it impossible for them to sit in one pose as an adult would. 

Explore the yoga poses with your child, let them flow naturally and center your attention on them and what you are doing now.  Again, that’s one of the reasons to practice Yoga, to keep you at the moment and help you enjoy the time you have right now. 

A child is just that, a child, if we think on their level and allow them to go at their own pace they will reap the benefits later in life.  With you as an example, they will look forward to your time together two or three times a week, and encourage them to keep active.  Avoiding obesity as a young adult, and stiffness and soreness when they’re older is a benefit to starting Yoga with them when they are small.  You can make Yoga and quiet times an intricate part of their lives. 

So, help your child grow into a healthy adult while helping yourself at the same time by introducing your kids and yoga to each other. Show and teach them by practicing with them and oh; have fun doing it!

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